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I am Shmuel. I have been entertaining people since 1973 with song, dance, impersonations, film, video and many other media as of yet just for fun, someday i hope to make some money. Most of what i have done to date is comedy. every time i consider serious acting or a serious subject for a film or video production it always ends up getting silly so i decided to keep it simple and silly, funny and at times RIDICULOUS! 

After nine years in the U. S. Army (active and national guard) ending in Iraq, i decided to get back to making people laugh. Sir Charles Chaplin once said many people can make you frown, it's better to make someone smile and laugh. I modeled myself after this idea.

On a video shoot.

I'll go anywhere, shoot anything(with a camera), life is meant to be enjoyed so LET'S ENJOY LIFE!